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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn around? 
Commonly from the time we take your payment till the time we ship is 10-14 business days. When you submit a quote we generally give you an idea when it would print as well.

What are the minimum orders? Do I have to get them all the same size and style?
Minimum order is 12 pieces. You can split this up between sizes, apparel colors, apparel types, as long as ink color(s)/print locations and print size stay the same across all garments.


How do I prep my art files?

All Files must be 300 DPI or a Vector File. Preferred file types are .PSD, .TIF, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .PNG and .JPG. Design should be sized to print. If you're an average person, that previous sentence made no sense to you. That's why we have an art department. Contact them and they will make sure your design is set up properly to get the best print possible. If your files do not meet our art requirements there may be an additional fee for art setup. Orders cannot be started until we have usable artwork.


Do I need to pay for my shirts now?

Yes. Your payment must be received before your order is printed.

Are your shirts good quality?
Of course they are. But, that's really up to you. If you're not sure of the type or brand of shirt you need, we'll
always suggest the best option for your budget. But the final choice is up to you.

What else can you screen print on?
The general answer is, “If we can lay it flat, we can print on it.”. Contact us with details, and we'll make it happen.


I have a quote from a competitor, can you meet or beat it? 
Most likely, but make sure you have all the specifics and give us all of that so we can compare all of the details (shirt brand/weight/model/qty/sizes/price per/shipping/tax/etc). Often competitors will try to appear to be offering a better deal, when in reality they are hiding all of their extra “Fees” until the very end of their checkout process. We'll make sure all of the details up front and keep nothing hidden from you.


We need a lot of shirts, can you handle it? Can you be competitive? 
Yup. Our presses are running 'round the clock. Just let us know what you need.


I'm in a rush, can you print very quickly?
Probably, that always depends on what's already on our plate. However, we can almost always make it happen. We have been known to turn around orders very quickly if the customer is in a rush and has the correct files. Never hurts to ask, but please if you're on a deadline, let us know that right away so we can try to help you out. Also, rush fees will apply.


I want to have my design printed on a few different color shirts, can you do that?
No problem at all, as long as the ink colors stay the same. We can even change ink colors. However, there may be a fee for ink wash out. Contact us on that.


I'm missing a few shirts, what happened?

All orders over 100 pieces can have up to 5% under run. Some shirts could be damaged during printing (the industry term for this is “spoilage”). Because of this, we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% of the garments in your order. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility. We always strive to give you everything you ordered, however, if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference.

The design I want to have printed is rather offensive, do you mind printing it?
Nope. Our Co-Founder bought his very first screen printing press because the shop he was printing for was “too wholesome” to accommodate the merch for the Death Metal band he was in at the time. We're game for anything. But, no hate speech. We have no political bias towards our clients, but if its hate speech you're looking for, we will not support your cause.


Ink color looks slightly different than what it looked like on the computer screen proof. 
There's a few reasons for this. But first we must state, we do not guarantee color matching. Here's some reasons why. Your computer monitor is made up light-emitting diodes as pixels. Those pixels mix the colors Red, Green, and Blue to make all the colors on your screen. Because we are moving from one medium (lights on a computer screen) to another (ink on fabric), the representation on your screen is not always accurate to what will print. Also, keep in mind that all monitors and screens do not display color the same. Look at the same image on your phone and computer monitor and they will almost certainly look, at least, slightly different.

We will always us the closest color of ink possible. If you have an exact color of ink you want us to use please let us know (brand/model/PMS Color (additional costs)).

How are shirts packaged?
We sort and fold by size and shirt color so you can find what you are looking for quickly. Typically in sets of 12/ea.


I don't see the brand of shirt I want on your website, can you get them? 
No problem, just let us know what brand and we will work with you to get it. Any cost differences will be adjusted to the pricing on our site and in our sales.

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